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 Pug friends on  Large and Medium Critter Couch Classics

Spanky and Parker sharing their very first XL Classic Couch.  Now they each have their own couch!

Look at us cool dudes on our Critter Couch!

CRITTER COUCH Classic            

  Small Critter Couch Classic Medium Critter Couch Classic Large Critter Couch Classic Extra Large Critter Couch Classic
  Small:  $249 Medium:  $279 Large $429 Extra Large:  $595
Seat Size   16"w x 15"d 19"w x 18"d  32"w x 21"d 40"w x 22"d
Exterior 26"w x 19"d x 17"h 30"w x 21"d x 20"h 42"w x 25"d x 21"h 53"w x 26"d x 23"h

Critter Couch Classic pet furniture is designed to  blend with your decor and is dimensionally designed for pets, from Small to Extra Large.  The Critter Couch Classic was developed as an orthopedic alternative for pets.  Special care is placed on what we call "doggie ergonomics" including a comfortable height for the "pillow" arms, a high back and seats that are so deep that your pet will always feel secure.  Your pet will enjoy the ultimate in comfort of their own pet sofa.  Fully removable, machine washable slip-covers, replaceable cushions of dense, supportive flame-retardant  foam and our special molded frame provides a great value for owners too.

Critter Couch pet furniture is an easy step up and extremely therapeutic for older pets and for pets who appreciate additional comfort.  Our designer pet furniture also provides a solution for customers who want their pets off their own furniture.  Critter Couch pet sofas and dog couches are a great addition to any room in the house.  Pets feel included and have that very special  place of their own.

If the decor of your home changes, a Critter Couch pet sofa can change with it.  Covers can be ordered in many styles and colors and yes, we do custom covers with customer supplied fabric.  See our Colors page for the latest available patterns.

Lizzie is shown how easy it is to remove the machine-washable slipcover of her Critter Couch Classic designer pet furniture!Important features of our pet furniture include easily removable and machine washable slipcovers made of upholstery fabric with heavy duty zippers, and a durable plastic frame support that surrounds high-gradeThis Large Classic dog couch is tipped back to reveal the special molded ABS frame. The Critter Couch Classic frame provides water-proofing of our classic pet furniture all around and withstands the harshest of use by the most active of couch potatoes who just love their pet sofa! flame retardant foam. 

The waterproof frame is raised 1 1/2" away from the floor. The seat cushion is Dacron poly-wrapped.  All sizes of Critter Couch Classic pet furniture support a downward weight of over 200 lbs.  

Critter Couch Classic pet furniture is available in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  For help with selecting the right couch size for your pet, see our
Sizing page.

Critter Couch pet furniture products are a great conversation piece, and  they are practical as well; saving wear and tear on your own furniture. Our pet sofa, dog couch and designer pet bed products  provide the ultimate in comfort for your pets.



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