Critter Couch cartoon logo, dog wearing smoking jacket and slippers on couch CRITTER COUCH Company       Our original model "Kira", a Humane Society of Silicon Valley rescue.  She loved her Critter Couch.



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 Pug friends on  Large and Medium Critter Couch Classics

Spanky and Parker sharing their very first XL Classic Couch.  Now they each have their own couch!

Look at us cool dudes on our Critter Couch!


Below are our most popular patterns and colors.  We carry a variety of faux suede, 100% cottons, and the finest synthetic materials.  For a detailed description of material and textures, click on a swatch below.

Bellisimo blue Camel suede Spruce suede Taupe suede Saddle
Olive Lemon Creme Burgundy Slate Hunter
Mustard Chocolate Yipes Stripes Pecan Denim
Southwest Tweed Floral Leopard Periwinkle


Faux Suede:   Our selection of  synthetic suedes are wonderfully soft yet durable.  This material washes particularly well and dries quickly.  (Colors:  Bellisimo Blue, Camel, Spruce, Taupe) 
Leopard Plush:  Beautiful and fuzzy smooth to the touch, pets just love this material.   Washes extremely well!
Faux Leather:  Saddle is a distressed leather look and hard to believe it's synthetic!  Very soft and pliable yet incredibly durable.   As with all fabric that we offer, it is machine-washable!
Waffle patterns:  Olive, Lemon Creme, Burgundy, Slate, Periwinkle, Hunter and Flax are perfect for decors that appreciate subtle elegance.  5/8" squares.  100% Cotton - very nice material!
Denim:  Mustard, Chocolate, Pecan are your typical rugged 10 oz. denim. 
Southwestern:  What a fantastic fabric is this! 100% Cotton twill, rewashed to prevent shrinkage. 
Floral:   100% synthetic woven, with a soft sheen, attractively understated in color.


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